Rent a bike E-bike, © Deutsch Luxemburgische Tourist Information, nicole zimmer
Ourtalscheife im NaturWanderPark delux, © Eifel Tourismus GmbH, D. Ketz

Nat'Our Route 4 – Our Valley Bend

Lenght: 15.2 km
Route: Rue du Lac, an der Our, 9453 Bivels (L) to Rue du Lac, an der Our, 9453 Bivels (L)
Difficulty: intermediate
Round tour

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Gäßestrepper Brunnen Bitburg, © TI Bitburger Land

"De Beberijer Gäßestrepper"


The "Gäßestrepper" refers to an old town legend.

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Römische Langmauer

"Long Wall" at Herforst


In the community forest of Herforst, the so-called "Arenberg Forest", there are still remains of this wall as a 1 m-high stone wall with original foundations.

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Kapelle in Hausten Morswiesen, © Foto: VG Vordereifel, Quelle: Touristik-Büro Vordereifel

"St. Anna" Kapelle


The St. Anna chapel is located in the idyllic Eifel village of Hausten-Morswiesen (Hauptstraße 10).


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Vinum, © Paul Steinbach

"Vinum" - Weinfachhandel & Verkostung


Wine Shop with wine, chanpange. brandies of the region, cigars and others. Wine tasting possible


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Die XXL-Baumelbank in Ditscheid, © Foto: Laura Rinneburger, Quelle: Touristik-Büro Vordereifel

"XXL-Baumelbank" in Ditscheid


Not far from the Ditscheider sports field and in the near of the landscape parc in Ditscheid the "XXL Baumelbank" invites you to linger in comfort.


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Blick auf die XXL-Baumelbank und Kottenheim, © Foto: Svenja Schulze-Entrup, Quelle: Touristik-Büro Vordereifel

"XXL-Baumelbank" in Kottenheim


The "XXL Baumelbank" in Kottenheim is located on the Elteberg towards Obermendig on the right-hand side below a hill. It was set up in spring 2020 by the Beautification and Transport Association Kottenheim and offers a fantastic view over Kottenheim…

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Wabelsberger Wacholderhütte-Terasse, © Foto: Svenja Schulze-Entrup, Quelle: Touristik-Büro Vordereifel

-Geschlossen-Wabelsberger Wacholderhütte in Langscheid


The "Wabelsberger Wacholderhütte" in the municipality of Langscheid is idyllically situated on the dream trail "Wacholderweg" as well as the dream paw "Langscheider Wacholderblick" and offers itself for both refreshment and overnight stay.

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Anlage, © Golflub Eifel e.V.



The Golf Club Eifel e. V. is situated on a plot of 70 hectares.
Courses: 18 holes


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Der 2 Bäche-Pfad führt durch das Alfbachtal, © Eifel Tourismus GmbH

2 Bäche-Pfad

Lenght: 13.8 km
Route: Hasborn to Hasborn
Difficulty: intermediate
Round tour, Family-friendly

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