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Tips for rainy days

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Aqurarium, © Deutsch Luxemburgische Tourist Info

Aquarium Wasserbillig


Discover the wonderful underwater world of the rivers and oceans. The natural habitats of freshwater and saltwater fish of the five continents can be admired in two 40,000-liter tanks and several medium-sized aquariums in Wasserbillig.

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Kino 3, © Kulturhuef

Kulturhuef Movie theater


Prices Kulturhuef Kino:
8,00 € adult
7,00 € kids until 14 years

Overlength ( >125 min) 1€ extra
3D Movies 1,5€ extra



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Wiewesch 1, © Deutsch Luxemburgisch Tourist Info

Nature House "A Wiewesch"


The nature house "A Wiewesch" in Manternach was inaugurated in 2004 and offers visitors the opportunity to approach nature in the form of educational activities, thematic exhibitions as well as didactic promenades in the heart of the nature reserve "Manternacher Fiels"…

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Aussen, © Kulturhuef

Kulturhuef Museum


The printing museum: the history of a trade from the special first printers up until the disappearance of the trade. Original feature: The melodious sound effects of the machines. The playing card museum Jean Dieudonné: various techniques of making, a choice of cards to play, the family Dieudonné 1754-1880 in Grevenmacher…

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Tudor, © LFT Renata Lusso


Immerse yourself in the world of Henri Tudor, the inventor of the lead accumulator. At the Tudor Castle in Rosport, the former residence of Henri Tudor (1859-1928), you will experience the development of electricity and innovations. The visitor learns the current and accumulator interactively…

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Schmetterling 2, © Deutsch-Luxemburgische Tourist-Information

Butterfly Garden


Hundres of exotic butterflies fly in a greenhouse. Botanical garden, walk and film presentation.

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moselle-marie-astridkl, © Deutsch Luxemburgische Tourist Info

Cruise on the Marie-Astrid


Cruise on the Mosel.

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Heimat, © Deutsch-Luxemburgische Tourist-Information

Museum Zemmer


The local museum in the center of Zemmer contains interesting objects such as basic commodity and curiosities of different eras. All objects were compiled in painstaking work by the local association Fidei. It offers an insight into 'the good old times'…

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kletterpark-2, © Youth Hostel Echternach

Indoor climbing


There is a 14-m high indoor climbing wall at the Youthhostel in Echternach.

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bernard-massard-1, © Bernard Massard

Winery Bernard-Massard


Come and discover the secrets behind our wines and enjoy a relaxing experience on the banks of the Moselle.

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