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Tips for rainy days

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Aqua, © Deutsch Luxemburgische Tourist Info

Aquarium Wasserbillig


Discover the wonderful underwater world of the rivers and oceans. The natural habitats of freshwater and saltwater fish of the five continents can be admired in two 40,000-liter tanks and several medium-sized aquariums in Wasserbillig.

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Cascade Erlebnisbecken, © Cascade

Cascade water park with sauna world


In winter or summer, in the CASCADE adventure pool with SAUNA WORLD neither weather nor season matter. You can relax here all year round and enjoy an active day of fun.

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stadtmuseum-simeonstift_innenhof-und-porta-nigra_tomas-riehle_print, © Museum Simeonstift

City Museum Simeonstift


Adjoining the Porta Nigra is the 11th century Simeon's College, residence of priests who read mass in the two churches of St. Simeon.

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marie-astrid-2016-1, © Deutsch Luxemburgische Tourist Info

Cruise on the Marie-Astrid


Cruise on the Mosel.

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A Wiewesch, © Deutsch Luxemburgisch Tourist Info

Das Naturhaus "A Wiewesch"


The nature house "A Wiewesch" in Manternach was inaugurated in 2004 and offers visitors the opportunity to approach nature in the form of educational activities, thematic exhibitions as well as didactic promenades in the heart of the nature reserve "Manternacher Fiels"…

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Heimat, © Deutsch Luxemburgische tourist Info

Heimatmuseum Zemmer


The local museum in the center of Zemmer contains interesting objects such as basic commodity and curiosities of different eras. All objects were compiled in painstaking work by the local association Fidei. It offers an insight into 'the good old times'…

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kletterpark-2, © Youth Hostel Echternach

Indoor climbing


There is a 14-m high indoor climbing wall at the Youthhostel in Echternach.

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startseite_das_bad_an_den_kaiserthermen, © SWT

Indoor Swimming Pool: Bad an den Kaiserthermen


We offer plenty of space on 930 square meters of water and with six pools for sports, games and fun for young and old.

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fes_5307, © Museum Karl Marx

Karl Marx House


The permanent exhibition "Karl Marx (1818-1883), Life - Work - Impact to the Present" introduces Karl Marx as a historical person, maturing his philosophical and economic ideas as well as their effects on the course of history and the present time.

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kasematten, © LCTO


The ``Kasematten`` of the city of Luxembourg is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and was built in 1644. The corridors and caves carved in rocks were built in the 17th century for defensive purposes.

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