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beaufort, © Roll Schleich

Mediaeval castle Beaufort


Explore the gradual growth of the mediaeval castle over four separate construction phases between 1015 and 1650,reflected in the different architectural styles – Romanesque, Gothic and Renaissance.

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© Amis du Château de Bourscheid asbl

Bourscheid Castle


Probably built in the tenth century, the castle underwent important extensions including the erection of a fortification wall flanked by six towers during the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries.

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Welschbillig, © nicole zimmer

Castle & hermen complex


Already in the middle of the second century, the Romans had a villa in Welschbillig. In the second half of the fourth century, they constructed an even larger one, which in U-shape was connected west of a 60-by-20-meter pond, surrounded by 112 herds…

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renaissanceschloss-2beaufort-castles, © Beaufort Castles

The Renaissance Castle Beaufort

Discover the four wings of the French-Renaissance castle.

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clervaux-commune-clervaux, © Commune Clervaux

Clervaux Castle

The majestic castle is perched on the slopes of a rocky promontory, the so-called "Lay". The origins of the castle are lost in the mists of time.

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larochette2marc-siebenaler-lft_1, © Marc Siebenaler LFT

Larochette Castle

The ruins of Larochette Castle are perched on a sandstone promontory 150 metres above the Valley of the White Ernz, a tributary of the river Sûre.

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Esch-sur-Sûre Castle

The first buildings of the castle were thus constructed in the Romanesque period, whilst its development took place in the Gothic period.

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Burg Ramstein, © Dominik Ketz Eifel Tourismus

Burg Ramstein - Eine gotische Ruine im Kylltal


The construction of Ramstein Castle near Korde dates back to the Electors of Trier. The castle Ramstein (today ruin) is lonely located on a sandstone rock south of Kordel.

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