Luxembourg Card: access to more than 70 attractions


Nowhere else can you visit a whole country with a single tourist “passport”. The Luxembourg Card gives free access and large reductions for more than 70 attractions. It also gives unlimited use of the country’s public transport network. It’s a real “must have” for groups, families and individuals.

The Luxembourg Card tourist passport gives easy and quick access to major attractions in the Grand Duchy.. Valid for one, two or three days, the respective cost is €13, €20 and €28 for individuals, and €28, €48 and €68 for groups and families of up to five people. Entrance is then free in most cases, or else substantial entrance cost reductions are offered.

Free public transport makes it easy to get around, even as far as some of the more out of the way, charming villages.

Visits in neighbouring towns are also included (Trier in Germany and Bastogne in Belgium).

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Luxembourg Card: access to more than 70 attractions

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