Mediaeval castle Beaufort


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Explore the gradual growth of the mediaeval castle over four separate construction phases between 1015 and 1650, reflected in the different architectural styles – Romanesque, Gothic and Renaissance.

During the centuries, the fortress had many different owners. After the second half of the 18th century it had been uninhabited for a long time and was only used as a quarry by the residents of the surroundings.

In 1928, the new owner of the castle, Edmond Linckels, started to undertake larger repairs and cleaning works in the castle’s ruins which had been neglected for 300 years. It was also him who opened it to the public in 1932. In 1988 the site also was classified as an historical monument.


Rue du Château 24
6310 Beaufort


Beaufort Castles
Rue du Châtea 24
6310 Beaufort
Phone: (00352) 83 66 01

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