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Discover the 1000-year history of the capital with international flair. Whether you are visiting one of the many museums, doing a guided thematic city tour or exploring on your own, there are hardly any wishes left. Let yourself be impressed by the Grand Ducal Palace, the official seat of the Grand Ducal family or discover the fortified walls, the so-called casemates, in the historic center of Luxembourg's old town.

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letzebuerg-city-museum, © bohumil-kostohryz-2017

Lëtzebuerg City Museum

The Lëtzebuerg City Museum is set in the old part of the city, embedded in an ensemble of historical buildings. On four storeys, partly dug into the rock, the visitor can discover the history of the city through original exhibits and topographical models, supplemented by a multimedia system…

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Vélo en ville - bike rental Luxembourg City


Vélo en ville rents bicycles for the entire family.

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Panoramic Elevator of the Pfaffenthal


Opened in 2016, the glass elevator covers 71 meters and connects the upper city center to the Alzette Valley. It offers unique panoramic views. The ride is free of charge.

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notre-dame, © LCTO

Cathedral of the Blessed Virgin in Luxembourg City

The church is a remarkable instance of late Gothic style, revealing various components and ornaments inspired by Renaissance style.

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gerichtshof-nicole-zimmer, © Nicole Zimmer

Justice quarter

In 2008, the construction of the new justice quarter on "Plateau du Saint-Esprit" was completed.

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st-michel, © Nicole Zimmer

St. Michael Church

The church of St Michael is the oldest holy building in the city.

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gelle-fra, © LCTO

Memorial Gëlle Frau

On the Constitution Square the "Gëlle Fra" set-up in 1923 to commemorate the fallen soldiers of the First World War. The monument is a symbol of the freedom and resistance of the people of Luxembourg.

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palais, © LCTO

Grand Ducal Palace

The Grand Ducal Palace is located in the heart of the Old Town and serves as the city residence of the Grand Ducal family. The magnificent interiors can be visited from mid-July to the end of August.

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abtei-neumuenster-copyright-brasserie-wenzel, © Brasserie Wenzel

Abbey Neumünster


The picturesque Neumünster Abbey is not only a photographic highlight of every Luxembourg tourist, it is much more than that: a unique location where culture and encounters are the focus.

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plateau-bourbon-nicole-zimmer, © Nicole Zimmer

Boubon Plateau

The Bourbon plateau got its name from the former Fort Bourbon and it had been included in the fortification for ages.

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