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Many attractive views of Mosel, Eifel and Hunsrück - but also the beautiful Kylltal are to be discovered.

Kapelle, © Deutsch Luxemburgische Tourist Info

Kreuzkapelle Zemmer-Schleidweiler

The Neo-Gothic cross chapel in the district of Schleidweiler was built in 1894. A crossroads with 14 stations of individually designed sandstone arrows leads to the Kreuzkapelle, which is perched above Schleidweiler. Starting in the core area Schleidweiler accompanies the visitor 14 Kreuzwegstationen to the Kreuzkapelle. At the crossroads on the Bergrücken, the visitor is rewarded with a wonderful view over the "Fidei" - from the Meulenwald to the Bitburgerland.    

rodt_aussichtsturm_3, © Deutsch Luxemburgische Tourist Info

Zemmer Grundsgraben Adventure Tour

This route requires some endurance. The start at the observation tower Rodt with the panorama view over the Eifel is great. The trail runs partially along the ``Premiumwanderweg "Eifelsteig. The hike is varied, there is a lot to see and discover as for example; parts of a reconstructed Roman wall, a former horse watering place, the ``Kaiserlinde`` and the ``Heimatmuseum.`` Continue to the water staircase, which promises refreshment during the summer. Through a natural forest part, the path leads back across the Grundgräben to Schleidweiler. The small Kreuzwegkapelle (chapel), which rises on a hill, invites you to linger. Engaged citizens have lovingly designed the surroundings of the chapel.