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Tips for rainy days

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startseite_das_bad_an_den_kaiserthermen, © SWT

Indoor Swimming Pool: Bad an den Kaiserthermen


We offer plenty of space on 930 square meters of water and with six pools for sports, games and fun for young and old.

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spielzeugmuseum, © Tourist Info Trier

Toy Museum Trier


The toy museum Trier is situated in the heart of the oldest city in Germany at the main market. With an area of over 500 square meters, you will find a variety of toys: Tin toys, railways, pewter figures, dolls, dollhouses, stuffed animals, steam engines and much more…

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fes_5307, © Museum Karl Marx

Karl Marx House


The permanent exhibition "Karl Marx (1818-1883), Life - Work - Impact to the Present" introduces Karl Marx as a historical person, maturing his philosophical and economic ideas as well as their effects on the course of history and the present time.

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stadtmuseum-simeonstift_innenhof-und-porta-nigra_tomas-riehle_print, © Museum Simeonstift

City Museum Simeonstift


Adjoining the Porta Nigra is the 11th century Simeon's College, residence of priests who read mass in the two churches of St. Simeon.

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nero_fassade_rlmtrier, © Th. Zühmer Tim Hufnagel

Rheinisches Landesmuseum


The Rheinisches Landesmuseum Trier is one of the most important archaeological museums of Roman antiquity in Europe.

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mudam-copyright-christian-aschman_1, © Christian Aschman

Museum Mudam

As a major actor in Luxembourg’s cultural scene, and as an internationally recognised institution, Mudam, which celebrated its 10th anniversary in July 2016, is attracting an increasingly wider audience. Aware of the diversity ofcontemporary creation, the museum cultivates the curiosity and openness by developing a forward-looking and pluralistic programme, both through the originality of its exhibitions and the various collaborations it initiates…

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drai-eechelen-jean-frank-5, © Jean Frank

Museum Dräi Eechelen: fortress, history, identity

The Musée Dräi Eechelen – fortress, history, identity, inaugurated in 2012, is situated in the extraordinary restored keep of the historic fort Thüngen, built in 1732-33.

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mnha-luxembourg-copyright-tom-lucas, © MNHA Tom Lucas

National Museum of History and Art

In its new building, inaugurated in 2002, and in three historic houses renovated in 2014, the National Museum of History and Art shows the national archaeological, historical and artistic collections in more than 6,000 m2. It is a key cultural attraction for those who wish to understand the history of Luxembourg through its public collections…

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naturmuseum-copyright-mnhn, © MNHNL

National Museum of Natural History

Visitors come to the ‘natur musée’ because they are interested in natural history and natural sciences in general, or because the issues raised in the permanent and temporary exhibits are exceptional, instructive, sometimes surprisingly uncommon and always deserve the mention…

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Navitours, © Navitours



Daily Mosel cruises from Remich, the pearl of the Moselle, to Schengen into the three-country border France - Germany - Luxemburg, where the historic Schengen Agreement on a passenger ship was signed on 14…

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