Kyll-Radweg: Idyllische Radtour an der Kyll, © Eifel Tourismus GmbH/D. Ketz

Kyll Valley Cycle Route


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The Kyll Valley Cycle Route accompanies the Kyll from its source at the Belgian border to where it flows into the Moselle and continues for 14 km along with the Moselle Cycle Route to Trier. It sticks predominantly to designated, traffic-free paths.

The Kyll Valley Cycle Route extends the whole length of the Eifel region from Dahlem to Trier, the oldest town in Germany. Because it runs parallel to the Cologne-Trier railway line, there is an easy way for you to return to where you started. The long-distance route passes numerous castles as it follows the twists and turns of the River Kyll through the various parts of the region. Beginning in the northern Eifel, you cycle past reservoirs, lakes and those that fit both descriptions, such as the Lake Kronenburg. It's then on through the ancient volcanic landscapes of the Vulkaneifel, followed by the meadow orchards and rugged rock formations in the southern Eifel and the countryside outside Bitburg. A real insiders' tip is the Limestone Eifel Cycle Route, which runs 20 kilometres from Hillesheim to Ahrdorf and links the Kyll Valley Cycle Route with the Ahr Valley Cycle Route.


Marking of the tour:

  • Markierung Kyll-Radweg in der Eifel
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More information about this route

Start: Losheimergraben

Destination: Trier

Distance: 121.4 km

Duration: 10:00 h

Difficulty: intermediate

Tour-type: Cycling

Ascent: 574 m

Descent: 1,035 m

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