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Monument "A nos Martyrs"


According to the magazine "Les sacrifiés. Bulletin mensuel de la Fédération des victimes du nazis enrôlées de Force, 1978, number 10, p.4", the sculpture "represents a human who is about to fall down but who is still trying to catch himself. In other words, the sculpture represents a martyred person struggling against death."

- The plaque, a tribute to volunteers of the 11th battalion of the Belgian Fusiliers:

These 3 volunteers who trespassed are:

- Sergent David

- Soldat Jean Beraux

- Soldat Geluyckens

On 12th March 1945 the soldiers on patrol along the Moselle river were hit by anti-infantry mines.

The sergeant died almost immediately, both legs of soldier Beraux were cut by the explosion, killing him instantly, the soldiers Geluyckens and Van Frachem were severely injured and transported by nearby US mineclearing experts to the 104th Field Hospital in Trier. Geluyckens died there on 27th March, Van Frachem (whose back was hit by a shrapnel) managed to recover.

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Monument "A nos Martyrs"

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