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Mertert / Wasserbillig

Mertert / Wasserbillig

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The municipality of Mertert is located in the east of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.The municipality was founded on 22 October 1796 by a fusion of the two towns Mertert and Wasserbillig.


While Wasserbillig (around 2,900 inhabitants) is mainly known for its tourism, Mertert (approx. 1,500 inhabitants) is a former small winegrowing and farming village. Both villages have cultural trails.


Mertert is strongly influenced by cross-border trade with Germany. On the road between Wasserbillig and Mertert, about a dozen petrol stations line up.

Since the end of the Moselle canalization in 1964, Mertert has been the only port of the Grand Duchy in Mertert.


In Wasserbillig the Sauer flows into the Moselle. "Op der Spatz" is the lowest point in Luxembourg. In Mertert the Syr flows into the Moselle.


The numerous hiking and biking trails along the Moselle, the Sauer and the Syr, as well as the important wine cellars are among the most popular tourist attractions in the region. There are many activities, as well as various water sports facilities, attractive playgrounds for children, leisure facilities and bicycle rental.

There is also an aquarium with freshwater and saltwater fish in Wasserbillig.